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Introducing Mprove

The Mprove is now available with a choice of comfort levels – medium and plush – it also features a combination of memory foams designed with bamboo, charcoal, and copper.

“The popularity of CBD continues to grow. The oil has been shown to provide important health benefits by helping to reduce anxiety, lower stress, and provide a sounder sleep experience. Mprove is another introduction that reflects the strong research and development abilities of our organization as we strive to offer consumers and retailers their best sleep yet, and this begins with the core materials in our products,” said Stephen Chen, president of MLILY USA,” 

Retailing at $2,999 in queen, the 15-inch profile features CBD-infused fabric, which promotes a sounder sleep experience. The hemp oil, extracted from natural, organic hemp, is shown to be effective in relieving anxiety, allergies, eczema, and pain. CBD oil used in the mattress does not contain THC, the property in marijuana that results in a high.

The hybrid mattress incorporates MLILY’s pocket spring design crafted with a unique spindle shape, allowing the mattress to be roll packed. 

MLILY’s bamboo charcoal breathable memory foam is designed to adjust to the body’s pressure points, helps regulate moisture, odor and temperature. The copper memory foam, with its antimicrobial properties, provides additional odor and moisture control. 

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